Confident, courageous, compassionate & flourishing

Let your child flourish. Let them find and fulfil their potential. Let them learn to create a happy and fulfilling life and to overcome obstacles with courage and compassion.

That’s the core of Pittwater House’s well-being program: to build emotional strength and resilience and to develop integrity and a character marked by the virtues of kindness, justice, compassion, goodness, hope, inner strength and determination.

Through our extra-curricular activities, our personal development programs, our Pastoral Care Program and our holistic focus on positive education, we work to strengthen the whole person.

We help your child develop mentally, physically and emotionally.

We provide a deep and well-rounded education, allowing our students to thrive and flourish in a supportive environment.

Specialised well-being programs

Nurturing is one of the four pillars of Pittwater House, and we take it very seriously. Your child’s well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

We work to create a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable discussing issues and seeking support and where strong friendships thrive.

Every day, we integrate the philosophies and practices of positive education, positive psychology and excellent pastoral care.

Learn more about our positive education approach and our Pastoral Care Program.

Outdoor education

Our comprehensive Outdoor Education Program gives your child skills in leadership, team building, initiative, resilience and problem solving.

Students stay at semi-remote locations within New South Wales to take part in age-appropriate adventures and challenges.

They return home stronger in every way—mentally, physically and emotionally. Learn more here.

“As a smaller school, the teachers at Pittwater house are able to nurture and closely follow my children's academic and personal development. The attention they receive from their teachers has enabled them to tackle challenges, build confidence and have the courage to try new pursuits. It's the kind of environment that allows every child to thrive.”

Lisa, Pittwater House mum