Red Earth School Expeditions

Imagine travelling to remote Indigenous Australia to learn from Elders and Traditional Owners.

That’s the opportunity offered to Pittwater House’s Year 9, 10 and 11 students.

Red Earth is an organisation that welcomes students on educational immersion expeditions to remote Indigenous homelands in the beautiful Cape York Peninsula.

Students spend ten days learning from Indigenous Australians who have maintained a deep connection with their culture and history, and gather, eat and grow as the Traditional Custodians have done over the centuries.

Red Earth is not just an amazing trip but also a leadership and developmental journey for the student.

Before the immersion, Elders communicate the projects that would benefit their communities. Students then raise funds for and work on those projects with their hosts. The goal is to create sustainable homelands so that Traditional Custodians can live on their ancestral land.

For more information on the next immersion program, please contact our Red Earth Co-ordinator, Stephanie Burke.

“Students will understand the ways in which Australia’s Indigenous history has affected modern life for Aboriginal people”