Our academic approach

Pittwater House offers four exceptional academic advantages:

  • Small class sizes

  • Outstanding teachers

  • Twin schooling

  • Educational architecture/scaffolding

With a student:teacher ratio of just 9.4, our small class sizes mean that every child gets exceptional care and attention from their teachers who are able to tailor teaching to the needs of individual students.

Our teachers all share a genuine passion for teaching and for bringing out the best in every child.

Our learning platforms are tailored to both gender and age.

Gender-specific learning

Additionally, our twin schooling approach means students are largely educated in single-sex classes, yet they benefit from a co-educational environment.

This allows teachers to use proven gender-specific teaching strategies that are designed for an all-boy or all-girl classroom. Teachers can cater to the unique interests and learning styles that fully engage each gender.

The success of this approach is seen in our students’ academic achievements. Our students continue to appear in the Distinguished Achievers and All Round Achievers list for the HSC. Read about our 2021 academic achievements here.

Future-facing learning

Our students are challenged to question, inquire and imagine. We create a collaborative, culture-changing learning environment where students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and try new things.

Structured for learning

Pittwater House is purposely structured for academic success. All academic decisions, professional development, class sizes, cohort structures, uses of technology and resourcing are aimed at enhancing academic outcomes for all students.

Senior school academics

Our senior students excel academically, both in the HSC and in tertiary education.

We prepare our students for the 21st century, strategically focusing on the critical thinking and technology skills they will need in their careers.

Most importantly, every student receives ongoing support from their Form teacher. Their teacher monitors their development and performance and provides both practical and emotional support to help each child meet their goals.

Senior students can access academic mentoring: each student chooses a mentor from the senior staff to help them through those final, crucial years of school. They can also join study groups supported by teaching staff.

For HSC results, visit our Academic achievements page.

Junior school academics

In Years K-6, your child learns in a single-sex class so that they can benefit from gender-specific teaching strategies. Teachers get to know each child and give them the encouragement, support and skills they need to thrive.

We give high priority to literacy and numeracy, beginning in the earliest years of school. For NAPLAN results, visit our Academic achievements page.

Pre-school academics

At our Early Childhood Centre, your pre-schooler learns through play. They learn word and numeracy skills through inquiry-based and experiential learning. They learn to socialise, communicate, relate and share. They learn the joy of learning.

We focus on five learning outcomes, as set by the Early Years Learning Framework’s national curriculum (learn more about our ECC curriculum).

Each class is led by a tertiary qualified teacher to ensure that your child is given the best start to their education.

Being part of Pittwater House, they also have access to the full range of specialised learning resources, such as the library and specialist teachers for classes such as dance or sports.

“A high regard for academic excellence as well as programs to support learning were the key reasons for choosing Pittwater House.”

Kathie, Pittwater House mum