Our School Structure

Junior School
(Pre-Kinder - Year 6)
For our youngest students, our Pre-Kindergarten class is co-educational. From Kindergarten to Year 2, Numeracy is co-educational, but all other classes are single-sex. From Year 3 to Year 6, all classes are single-sex.
Glenn Stephenson
Glenn Stephenson
Head of Junior School
There are differences in the way boys and girls (and young men and women) prefer to learn and interact. So our unique twin schooling structure offers students the benefits of a tailored learning approach in single-sex classes, yet a co-educational campus in which male and female students can play and socialise.

This approach greatly benefits our students academically and improves their approach to learning. At the same time, it gives them the skills to be able to form respectful and positive relationships when they are interacting on campus and participating in school life.
Senior School
(Years 7 - 12)
In Years 7 and 8, all classes are single-sex. Commencing in Year 9 there is a gradual introduction to co-educational classes via three elective subjects. Core subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and PDHPE continue to be taught in single-sex classes. By Years 11 and 12, all classes become fully co-educational.
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas
Head of the Girls' College
James Walmsley
James Walmsley
Acting Head of Boys’ Grammar
This structure offers students the best of both worlds: innovative learning experiences that engage their heart and minds, and the skills to form respectful relationships as they interact on campus, in co-curricular activities, in the broader community and in life.