A tradition of Cadets and service to the community.

Pittwater House has a long tradition of Cadets and providing support to the local community. Part of this involves being thoughtful, responsible individuals and includes involvement in a wide variety of community service programs.


Our Army Cadet Unit embodies a tradition of service; to the community and to our School.

Cadets is a voluntary program that teaches skills such as navigation, field craft, radio telecommunications and drill. The highlights of the Cadet calendar are the bi-annual overnight camps, the rifle shoot and ceremonial parade.

Senior students run the day-to-day operations of the unit and mentor the younger students. Cadets represents the continual flow of knowledge and leadership: the leaders of the Cadet Unit have been inspired and guided by their previous officers and, in turn, pass on this same inspiration and advice to the new cadets so that they too can develop the values of courage, teamwork, initiative and respect.

It is this downwards communication that allows for an endless supply of specialists, leaders and thinkers, fit for tackling society’s many challenges.

Cadets form part of the NSW Australian Army Cadets Brigade, which is in turn part of the Commonwealth Government's Australian Defence Force Cadets Scheme.

“Cadets, for me, offers the chance to experience situations that lie outside of my comfort zone, leading to growth, discipline and maturity. There aren’t many chances for an ordinary person to take command of a situation, apply what they’ve learnt and show others - and themselves - what they have to offer.”

SUO Ewan Lund