Junior School
Kindergarten - Year 6

The Best of Both Worlds

From Kindergarten to Year 6, female and male students are in predominantly single-sex classes in either the Junior Girls' College or Boy's Preparatory School, yet mix with one another during breaks, select activities and events all on the same co-educational campus.

This unique structure gives your child the best of both single-sex and co-ed schooling. We call it twin schooling.

Curriculum - Kindergarten to Year 6

Like all schools, we follow the core curriculum as outlined by the NSW Education Standards Authority, however our students benefit from additional lessons in languages (French and Chinese), music, choir, dance, drama, physical education and health, delivered by specialist teachers. Learn more about our curriculum.

Deep Learning

We go beyond the standard curriculum to prepare students for the real world.

Using our Deep Learning pedagogy, we build critical thinking skills, with a focus on collaboration, communication and creative problem solving to establish a life-long love of learning in our students.

Individual Attention

We keep our class sizes small so teachers can cater to your child’s learning needs, style and ability.

Our teachers pay close attention to your child. They notice when your child is struggling. They notice when they are ready for more challenges. They know how to engage and encourage students. Through this level of attention, our teachers are able to provide your child with the support they need to thrive.

Performing Arts in the Junior School

Music and choir, dance and drama are part of our weekly lessons. These take place in our onsite facilities, including the Performing Arts Centre and Music Cottage.

We provide a music program from Kindergarten onwards. Every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument. Musicians can play in a band, an ensemble, the orchestra or join the choir.

All Junior School students have dance classes during school hours. We offer numerous co-curricular opportunities for music, dance and drama.

Learn more about our co-curricular opportunities.

Sports in the Junior School

The Junior School has full access to all our sporting facilities, including a heated pool, multi-purpose playing fields, tennis and netball courts and an indoor sports centre.

Your child can discover and hone their skills in a wide range of sports, with opportunities in social and competitive/representative sports.

Learn more about our sports program.

Outdoor Education Program

Our students explore the natural world through age-appropriate Outdoor Education Programs, starting with a one-day camp for our Year 2 students and overnight residential camps from Year 3 through to Year 6.

We focus on a different personal development skill each time, to encourage each child to step out of their comfort zone, grow as an individual and take on new challenges.

Learn more about our Outdoor Education programs.

Pastoral care in the Junior School

Kindergarten to Year 6 is a time of unparalleled development for children. Every day they’re learning who they are, how to build healthy relationships and how to approach and solve social and emotional challenges.

Our pastoral care programs provide a network of care and support for every child.

In addition to the ongoing attention from Form class teachers and buddies, students also benefit from our gender-specific programs on self-esteem, fostering healthy relationships, dealing with challenging relationships and more. Learn more about pastoral care at Pittwater House.

After School Care

We offer our families an After School Care service, here on campus, so your child can move safely and easily from School to care. This service is provided by Theircare, a provider that has been hand-picked by Pittwater House for their experience and high standard of care. The service is available from Monday to Thursday for students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6.

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 students who finish school at 3pm will attend Literacy Club and then be chaperoned to After School Care by a Junior School teacher.

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“We go above and beyond the standard curriculum to prepare students for the real world.”