Building bright futures

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2025 Scholarships
Now Open

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Single-sex classes
Co-ed campus
Best of both worlds

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Full service facilities
on a spacious campus

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Co-curricular options
for every student

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Principal’s Welcome
Junior School
Senior School

“With a son and daughter, I wanted the benefit of a single-sex education but also knew the importance of socialising them in a co-educational environment. Here we get the best of both worlds.”

Sharon, Pittwater House mum

“Our size and structure enable us to provide our students with a well-rounded education in a supportive environment where they can develop a strong sense of self and give of their best”

Dr Nancy Hillier, Principal

“Because we keep student numbers small, we can give individual attention to each student with a real understanding of every child’s abilities and talents.”

Ruth Achurch, Head of Junior School

Pittwater House Foundation Day Relay

Congratulations to our Class of 2022

We are incredibly proud of our Class of 2022 and their teachers for the hard work and dedication the...

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How bolstering can help your child aim higher and do better

We’ve all heard the term ‘helicopter parents’, and the theory that this creates children who are too...

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