Student Safety

Our Statement of Commitment

Pittwater House is committed to provide a safe, friendly and productive learning environment for students and staff, where each student matters every day. We see it as our task to produce happy, confident and successful adults. To achieve this we believe that our students should be safe, and should feel safe and that they should be at the centre of all our decision making. We are committed to student agency in all things, including student safety.

Child Safe Values and Principles

The following child safe principles guide the School’s commitment to child safety and form the basis for all child protection policies and procedures.

  1. All children have the right to be safe
  2. The safety and protection of our students is everyone’s responsibility
  3. Our students’ welfare and well-being are paramount
  4. Our various codes of conduct set clear expectations of behaviour for all those working with our students.
  5. Procedures to screen all employees, volunteers, third party contractors and external stakeholders begins before their engagement.
  6. Working with children checks and training are a requirement for all employees, third party contractors, and Board members.
  7. Our Child Protection Policy is robust and well communicated and understood by staff, the accompanying Child Protection Procedure is a clear and simple communication tool.
  8. Student voice is important to us, students voices, views and opinions are listened to with respect and taken seriously.