The Duke of Edinburgh's
International Award

The Award opens a world of challenges and adventure for your teenager

Pittwater House encourages students, aged 14 years and older, to earn The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

The Award is about self-discovery and personal achievement. It’s an internationally recognised program that equips young people for life and work.

To earn the Award, each participant must learn a skill, improve their physical well-being, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment.

All participants are supported by a network of adult award leaders, assessors, supervisors and mentors.

Levels of achievement

The Duke of Ed is comprised of three levels, each progressively more challenging:

  • Bronze for those over 14 years old

  • Silver for those over 15 years old

  • Gold for those over 16 years old

The Duke of Ed’s goal is personal challenge, service and responsibility. It involves a variety of rigorous activities in physical recreation, service and adventurous journey.

Participation is voluntary and is structured so that your child can design their own unique program centred around their interests, passions and existing activities.

“The Duke of Ed’s goal is personal challenge, service and responsibility.”