About Us

Pittwater House is an independent, non-selective, non-denominational school offering a private school education for students from pre-school to Year 12.

The School is located in Collaroy, on Sydney's picturesque Northern Beaches, and is run coherently in three divisions:

  • The Junior School: Early Childhood Centre, Junior Girls' College and Boys' Preparatory School
  • The Girls' College: Year 7 -12
  • The Boys' Grammar School: Year 7 - 12

We deliberately keep classes sizes small so teachers can give each child attention. In this way, teachers gain an in-depth understanding of each child’s talents, interests and needs.

We are able to cater to every student’s learning needs and help them maximise their potential.

Our advantages

Pittwater House offers unique advantages that combine to provide an outstanding education for your child.

We believe our key points of difference are our:

Our philosophy

At Pittwater House there is a great spirit of friendliness, mutual respect, manners and a recognition of achievement, all reflected in the school motto semper diligens - Latin for 'always hardworking'.

We see it as our task to produce happy, confident and successful adults.


Pittwater House will continue to be recognised as a leading learning community, committed to excellence in all its endeavours and where every student matters every day as they experience true balance in education.


Pittwater House is committed to developing high achieving students who are connected to each other and to the communities in which they live and in which they will serve.


Our core values drive everything we do at Pittwater House:

  • Honesty and Integrity - We challenge our community to develop and practise the qualities of kindness, honesty, moral courage and good character.
  • Excellence - We aspire to excellence in effort, determination and dedication in academics and all our endeavours.
  • Respect and Care - We nurture and model respect and care in self, others and our environment. We respect and care for individuals for who they are.
  • Origins - We celebrate the journey of our traditions.
  • Innovation - We encourage originality, enquiry, risk-taking and critical thinking where students have the courage to imagine.
  • Community - We connect our students, families, staff and alumni.

Each value provides guidance to teachers and students as to the most positive way to respond to the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.

“We aim to take our students on an incredible journey through some of the most important years of their life so that they leave feeling there is nothing that can't be achieved.”