Our School Masterplan

At Pittwater House, we have developed our Masterplan to sustain the needs of our 21st Century learners.

In partnership with leading architects, the Board of Governors, traffic management specialists and stakeholders, we are delighted to now be upgrading our campus. The objectives of the Masterplan will be completed in phases with the first and second phase already complete and operational.

After a pause, we will move onto the next phase of our Masterplan works.

  1. Provide a seamless and safe drop-off/pick-up experience for School families (completed January 2022)
  2. Extend the amenity and accessibility of the Senior School buildings (completed January 2024)
  3. Increase the number and facilities of classroom spaces across the School
  4. Develop a dedicated Library and Resource Centre for Junior and Senior School students
  5. Provide a single Reception/Admissions Office for new and current families.

For a full birds eye view of our vision for the renewed campus, please watch this video.

Senior School Upgrades

In January 2024, works for the second phase of the project were completed, with students benefitting from:

  • Outdoor, covered flexible learning spaces
  • Broad new covered outdoor corridors
  • Additional spaces for use in wet weather
  • Lift access to both Senior School Buildings
  • Improved flow and accessibility.

Concept image of the Senior School block from the Oval

Newly opened Senior School amphitheatre during recess

Construction Images

See the construction as it develops from the demolition in July 2022 to where we're up to at the end of each term.

Demolition July 2022
Demolition July 2022
Progress September 2022
Progress September 2022
Progress November 2022
Progress November 2022
Progress December 2022
Progress December 2022
Progress March 2023
Progress March 2023
Work starts on South Wing
Work starts on South Wing
Progress April 2023
Progress April 2023
Progress April 2023
Progress April 2023
North Wing April 2023
North Wing April 2023
Things are taking shape
Things are taking shape
Progress June 2023
Progress June 2023
Lift completion October 2023
Lift completion October 2023

Drop-off and Pick-up Zone

In January 2022, the School opened a new driveway onto South Creek Road serving as our new Drop-off and Pick-up Zone, allowing cars to enter the campus for a brief period in the morning and again at pick up time. This solution was designed in conjunction with a traffic management firm to arrive at the best possible scenario to manage school and local traffic.

Outside of these brief drop-off and pick-up times, the gate to this driveway is locked, when the area becomes a large play space for our students.

Library and Resource Centre

This new two-level building will be located adjacent to the Junior School and will include:

  • A Junior Library and a Secondary Library
  • Individual study and reading spaces
  • Group study areas and meeting hubs
  • A Makerspace (where students can come together to develop creative projects)
  • A meeting and learning space to house 80-100 students.

Concept images of the Library and Resource Centre

Reception and Admissions Office

On the ground floor, a combined Reception and Admissions office will provide a single access point and meeting spaces to current and visiting families for school matters, which is easily visible and accessible from the South Creek Road carpark.

Classroom Upgrades

Upgrades to furnishings, fittings and technology will be occurring throughout the Masterplan process to ensure all our classrooms are of a high standard.

Why is the School undertaking the Masterplan project?
Together with our architects and other experts, we have developed a cohesive and strategic design for the School’s next steps. The Masterplan aims to:
  • Augment existing facilities with more modern facilities that reflect new ways of learning;
  • Provide high quality, multi-purpose learning and meeting spaces for school students and visitors;
  • Remediate existing buildings to make them bright new learning spaces;
  • Improve accessibility and safety for students and staff on campus.
When did construction commence and how long will it take?
The Masterplan will be implemented in a staged manner over approximately four to five years, with construction works occurring during school holidays wherever possible, to minimise disruptions to learning. The first stage, the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zone, was completed in February 2022. The upgrades to the Senior School are currently in progress.
Is the Masterplan related to a plan to increase student numbers?
No. This is a plan for renewal, not expansion.
How are the School and surrounding residents affected during construction?
We are respectful to our neighbours and work with them to minimise any disruption during construction. All of the proposed building work is inside the Campus, away from the majority of our neighbours.

Our School will continue to operate on-site as normal, so the construction program will be managed to minimise dust and noise. Careful design and supervision of building works allows for our students to continue to engage in all the activities that comprise each day with minimal adverse impact.
What measures will be put in place for students to carry on with their learning with minimal disruption while construction in the Senior School is taking place?
All of the plans for the construction have been made in consultation with safety engineers and a certifying body to ensure that the construction process is safe and contingency plans are in place and effective for the duration.

• Prior to construction, considerable noise testing was completed with key stakeholders
• Project planning will occur in fortnightly blocks, to respond directly to the changing needs of the School calendar
• Noise reduction glass sheeting has been applied to classroom windows
• The School has sourced a number of prefabricated classrooms that can be used on a flexible basis when required
• The most intensive construction will take place during school holiday periods.

The welfare of the Year 12 cohort has been of high importance in the planning. Year 12 exams will be conducted off-site in a local facility to minimise potential disturbances. For other important learning activities, such as exams for Years 7 – 11, we will be working with the contractors to schedule work accordingly. The Junior School will not be significantly impacted by scheduled building works.
How will the students move safely from class to class with the construction occurring in the middle of the Senior School?
The construction zone is safely and clearly delineated with fencing. Students are not permitted to enter this zone. To manage the flow of students around this area, a new hard surface walkway has been created.
How long is the construction in the Senior School likely to take?
This is dependent on multiple factors – such as the weather – that are outside of the School’s control. However, to create more certain timelines and improve project staging and logistics management, the School has gone through an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase, working in close consultation with contractors and architects. We are aiming to have this second phase of the Masterplan completed within one year.
Will there be ongoing project updates?
Community members, neighbours and families will be able to read project updates here on our website.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have additional queries, please email us on: [email protected].