Academic Achievements

2020 Results

Watch the videos below to hear our Dux of Boys’ Grammar - Callum Metzke, Dux of Girls' College - Mia Giladi and other Class of 2020 students talk about their motivations, results and time at Pittwater House. Also see our news article or link to our booklet below.

Pittwater House is a small school with a strong focus on each student’s academic growth. We routinely produce strong results in the HSC and NAPLAN and our HSC students consistently rank in the Distinguished Achievers List.

We are proud of all our students for their excellent results, as they repeatedly outperform many public and independent schools. We believe the true measure of success is the value added to each student’s results as they progress through their education.

Academic growth

As a non-selective school, our students exhibit a range of interests, strengths and goals for their future. Whilst outcomes are important, we also strive for and celebrate academic growth.

To this end we use data at all stages to check that our students are reaching their academic potential and to direct our efforts where they are most needed. At the end of the student’s journey with us, we look back over time, with the help of independent experts in educational analysis, to reflect on our students’ progress.

We were delighted with the academic growth exhibited in our NAPLAN results, with Pittwater House falling in the top 2% of NSW schools to demonstrate such considerable and significant results in student gain. These results show not only the dedicated professionalism of our teachers, but the determination, effort and persistence of our students. We are so very proud of them.

NAPLAN results

In Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, our students perform strongly in the NAPLAN, demonstrating advancement year after year. We outperform both state and other independent schools.

“In 2020, close to 80% of students received guaranteed pre-entry prior to sitting their first HSC examination.”