Our Gifted and Talented Program

Let your gifted child soar with our many opportunities to nurture and expand their talents

What is a gifted and talented student?

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains of human ability: intellectual, creative, social and physical to a degree that places an individual in at least the top 10% of age peers. The term giftedness is used to refer to natural ability.

Talented students are those whose skills are distinctly above average in one or more of the domains of human performance to a degree that places the individual in at least the top 10% of age peers. The term talent is used to refer to superior mastery of performance.

Pittwater House Philosophy

Teachers at Pittwater House work with students and their families to ensure an educational program that identifies students’ strengths and areas of interest to maximise their engagement and provide them with real-world opportunities. Students are encouraged to understand themselves as powerful learners who can solve complex problems and generate new ideas, through the discipline of personal development as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Gifted and talented strategies and opportunities

We help students strive for success through support-systems such as:

  • In-class differentiated learning tasks and projects
  • Flexible progression – whole-grade or single-subject acceleration
  • A range of both inter-school and individual academic competitions such as Da Vinci Decathlon, GATEway8 Challenge, Future Problem Solving, Maths Olympiad
  • Learning Enrichment pull-out classes such as Big Ideas, Critical Thinking and Genius Hour
  • Individual mentoring
  • Guest speakers offering a variety of specialisms
  • Wide-range of opportunities to attend both incursions and excursions in a variety of different disciplines
  • Strong links to local universities
  • Recognition of achievements through school assemblies and newsletters Challenging co-curricular program such as languages, chess, robotics, debating and STEM

Academic streaming for gifted and talented students

In Senior School we offer a gifted and talented stream for Maths and Science classes. Our specialist Gifted and Talented teacher liaises with class teachers and mentors students to enable them to work at a faster pace and explore higher level thinking.


Gifted students may accelerate in a single subject, for example, a Year 11 student could sit the HSC ahead of time in Dance, Mathematics or a language such as French.

In special cases where a student is gifted across all key learning areas and has demonstrated social maturity, they may be accelerated an entire year.

On occasion, an entire class may be accelerated in a particular subject.

Extension classes for Years 11 and 12

Year 11 and 12 students can choose to do Extension 1 classes in English, Maths, Science, French, Music and History.

Extension 2 is also available for exceptional students in Maths and English.

“We identify academically gifted and talented students through a multifaceted approach.”