Student Leadership Programs

We develop leaders who inspire and help others unlock their potential.

Our leaders program helps prepare our young students for life beyond the classroom. We give them the skills to work as a team — with conscience, commitment and compassion.

We provide more than the usual number of leadership positions, due to our separate Boys’ Grammar School and Girls’ College. Opportunities include year prefects, class monitors and other leadership positions in debating, public speaking, community service, the environment, the arts, music, the resource centre and the house system.

Formal leaders program

Our leadership programs creates a safe environment in which every student is encouraged to adopt strong leadership roles and develop confidence in their personal abilities. Students must organise a community placement and complete a minimum of six hours of work within that placement, lead assemblies or form groups and organise special events.

The Heads of Schools are ambassadors for the School's values and qualities. They work closely with all the student leaders. Every student leader is a role model for all our students, and as leaders, our students gain a real sense of their contribution to the School and the wider community.

Our formalised leadership programs include:

Lighthouse Program (Year 10): Extra-curricular activities, community service, presentations in form, leading Assembly, uniform expectation and House participation are all common aspects the Lighthouse Program. The goal is to have students who are engaged in the school community, who are responsible and accountable as well as setting a standard and being role models for younger students.

Leadership Program (Year 11): We believe everyone has the potential to be a great leader. The Leadership Program helps students develop the confidence, skills and professionalism to be an inspiring leader and the opportunity to be chosen as a student leader in Year 12.

Student Led Leadership/Peer Support Programs

We also offer students the opportunity to become involved in a number of student led peer support programs, including:

Student Representative Council (SRC) (Year 7–12): Led by our Senior Prefects with members from Year 7 to Year 12 across both College and Grammar. The members of the SRC are voted into the positions annually by the student body and have a significant voice at Pittwater House.

CUP - College Union Program (Year 7–12): Vertical well-being groups in which issues pertinent to young women are discussed in a nurturing and safe environment. All members of the College community are a member of a CUP group. It is the perfect way for girls to make friendships between the year groups and make the College community a dynamic, close and respectful society where the individual is known and appreciated.

Big Brogram (Year 7–12): A boys' well-being program founded by two former leaders of the Grammar school, based on the premise that real strength and real courage is knowing when to ask for help when going it alone is too difficult. This initiative is facilitated by students in Years 11 and 12 with students in small, often Form groups, from Years 7 to 10.