Information for New Families

A welcome from our Principal
A welcome from our Principal

We are honoured you have chosen Pittwater House for your child. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our wonderful School community.

Our purpose at the School is to partner with you to help your child develop into a well-rounded and well-educated person of outstanding character in an environment that fosters emotional and academic development.

At Pittwater House there is a great spirit of friendliness, mutual respect and recognition of achievement, all reflected in the School motto ‘Semper Diligens’ — Latin for ‘Always Hardworking’.

It is our desire that your child experiences this in their time spent at our School and beyond: in framing their positive approach to learning; within the long-lasting friend groups they will create and as their character and values are shaped into their older years.

The size and structure of our School allows for each child to be treated as a special individual. The staff at Pittwater House take their role as teachers very seriously. They seek to guide students to achieve academically and grow physically, socially and emotionally in a happy, secure environment.

We look forward to getting to know your family in the new school year and working with you to create the most beneficial learning experience for your child. Below you will find all the information you need to ensure your family is informed and prepared for a successful and seamless start at Pittwater House.

Wishing you every success,

Dr Nancy Hillier (BA, DipEd, MEdSt, DEd, MACE, MACEL, MAICD)

Principal and CEO

Contents - Whole School

Academic Subjects
Junior School
The School’s academic program is developed from the outcomes and content outlined in the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses.

NESA mandates the amount of time as a percentage, of each of the individual syllabus requirements, ensuring that 80% of a typical school day is taken up by the 6 Key Learning Areas and 20% of time is given over to the School for use at its discretion.

The Key Learning Areas (KLAs) and their time allocation are as follows:
English - 25%
Mathematics - 20%
Science and Technology - 6-10%
HSIE - History and Geography - 6-10%
Creative Arts - 6-10%
Personal Development, Health and PE - 6-10%

The remaining 20% of time is used in teaching French, Mandarin, Gross Motor, Sport, Assembly, Strengths and Reflections, band, choir, rehearsals and special school-based projects such as the Outdoor Education well-being program.

We recognise the diversity of children’s interests and abilities as well as individual learning needs and cater for these through a range of co-curricular programs to complement in class learning:
* Swimming
* Outdoor Education
* Curriculum linked excursions
* Student-led Action teams
* Inter-school Sport
* School Choirs and Bands
* Access to Instrumental Music Tuition
* K - Year 6 Learning Enrichment
* School Productions
* Sports Academies and Clubs.

Senior School
We offer subjects from all of the Key Learning Areas of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

In Years 7 and 8 most subjects are compulsory as prescribed by NESA. The exception to this is the choice between French and Mandarin in Year 8.

For Years 9 and 10, each student must take the mandatory core subjects set by NESA. In addition to these, students can choose a number of elective subjects. Those that were on offer in 2023 are shown here.

For Years 11 and 12, each of the subjects are assigned ‘units’ to contribute to the HSC. Each candidate is required to undertake a minimum of twelve units in Year 11 (excluding extension subjects) and a minimum of ten units in Year 12 (although many continue to carry twelve).

University entrance, or the ATAR, is calculated from the student’s best ten units, and this must include two units of English. Here are the subjects that were available to 2023 students.

Note: Students in Years 11 and 12 also have the opportunity to study a range of courses through TAFE which can contribute to their ATAR. Additional Language Courses are also available in Years 11 and 12 for background speakers through the Saturday School of Community Languages at Chatswood. Courses may also be taken through the NSW School of Languages. Courses available include Korean, Japanese, German, Russian and Indonesian to name a few.
An invoice is sent out at the beginning of every month via email, showing the charges that have accrued to your account in the previous month and what amount, if any, will be deducted from your account on or around 15th of each month. This gives you the opportunity to check your account in a timely fashion.

Parents may choose to pay their fees for the full academic year or set up a monthly direct debit whereby the annual tuition fee is divided by twelve to arrive at the monthly rate. A monthly incidentals charge covers the majority of curriculum-related costs.

Payment can be made using credit card (0.75 processing fee), EFT or BPay.

For enquiries please email [email protected].
After School Care
In the Junior School, we offer our families an After School Care service here on campus. This service is provided by TheirCare, a provider that has been hand-picked by Pittwater House for their experience and high standard of care. The service is available from Monday to Thursday for students in Kindergarten to Year 6.

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 students who finish school at 3pm will attend Literacy Club and then be chaperoned to After School Care by a Junior School teacher.
All full day and part day absence notifications are submitted via the Pittwater House app. For more information, please email: [email protected]
Bell Times
We have staggered bell times for our Pre-Kindergarten - Year 6 students and our Years 7 - 12 students.
In the Junior School, if your child’s birthday falls on a school day and they would like to celebrate the occasion with their class, you may send individual items such as cupcakes or icy poles that can be easily handed out to each child in the class. Please do not send large cakes that need to be cut up and apportioned by the teachers. Please be mindful that some children have allergies, intolerances and social or religious reasons that may prevent their participation. Check with the teacher to be sure. Please do not ask the teacher to hand out birthday party invitations.
We partner with external suppliers to fulfill our textbook needs for both Junior and Senior students. Additionally, parents of Junior School students have the option to purchase a stationery kit, ensuring they have all the essential classroom resources.

In Term 4, the below mentioned letter and booklists were sent out via the Pittwater House App. Ordering is completed online via Box Of Books. The ordered supplies are delivered directly to the school for Junior School students or to the homes of Senior School students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the upcoming school year.

Year 7-11 Booklist Letter
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Bring Your Own (BYO) Laptop Program
We adopt a BYO Laptop program from Year 5. The preferred student device is a MacBook (Air or Pro). We have partnered with CompNow as our preferred Apple Mac reseller. Laptops are delivered to your house, but must be ordered ASAP for delivery before Christmas. Order an STM Cover and consider adding AppleCare + 3-year accidental damage and warranty.

Note: We do not support Chromebooks or iPads in the classroom.

The IT Department loads all necessary software and apps on your child’s computer, including MS Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. We also use many web-based learning tools. All of our software runs on both Mac and Windows.
Cadet Unit
This voluntary activity is open to all students in Year 7 and develops skills in orienteering, abseiling, radio communication, water safety, first aid and teamwork. Musicians can participate in the ceremonial marching band.

The highlight of the cadet calendar are the overnight camps such as the Bivouac and Annual Field Exercise.

Cadets is held on campus each Monday during term-time from 3:30 - 5:00pm.

To enlist, students can complete this cadet application form and return to the blue box in Reception.
We offer an innovative Outdoor Education Program that builds critical and creative thinking, leadership, independence and teamwork.

Our Outdoor Education Program reinforces our HEROIC values, and our School focus on well-being and personal development.​

Junior School
Year 3
Date: 28 - 29 October (Term 4, Week 3)
Location: Chowder Bay

Year 4
Date: 28 - 30 October (Term 4, Week 3)
Location: Tops Conference Centre

Year 5
Date: 28 - 30 October (Term 4, Week 3)
Location: Tallong Campus

Year 6
Date: 15 - 18 October (Term 4, Week 1)
Location: Canberra

Senior School
Year 7
Date: 26 - 28 February (Term 1, Week 5)
Location: Illawarra Region​
Focus: Relationships​
Activities: Mountain biking, surfing, beaching games, Kiama Blowhole, snorkelling, rock pools​

Year 8
Date: 21 - 24 October (Term 4, Week 2)
Location: Cockatoo Island and Chowder Bay
​Focus: Teamwork​
Activities: Kayaking, snorkelling, SUP, Great North Walk, Indigenous experience​

Year 9
Date: 18 - 22 November (Term 4, Week 6)
Location: Murramarang National Park​
Focus: Resilience​
Activities: Coastal hiking, kayaking, surfing, indigenous immersion​

Year 10
Date: 5 - 9 August (Term 3, Week 3)
Location: Perisher​
Focus: Leadership
​Activities: Downhill skiing/snowboarding, cross country skiing, snow camping, navigation

Year 11
Date: 8 - 9 February (Term 1, Week 2)
Location: Northern Beaches​
Focus: Leadership, team work and study skills.
Campus Map
Find your way around our 3.5ha campus with ease using this map.
Advance canteen orders can be made using the Links button on the Pittwater House app. The Student ID Card can also be used to make purchases at the canteen in the same way debit cards are used. To view our menu, click here.
Class Construction
Your child’s individual learning needs, styles and strengths are pivotal to their growth and thus, our priority.

Senior School
Upon arrival at Pittwater House, your child will be placed in class groupings based on our clustering approach.​

Our class clusters ensure that students with demonstrated learning strengths and needs are placed with other students of like-ability to ensure they are constantly challenged.​

​From Year 7, We have a streamed Mathematics and a streamed Science Class. We continuously gather Pittwater House student assessment data, to track and report on your child, ensuring they are class clustered appropriately.​

​Please contact Mrs Jasmin Mano for any holistic questions about your child’s learning needs: [email protected].
Co-curricular Activities - Performing Arts
Through participating in the Performing Arts (dance, drama and music), students gain artistic skills and improve academically, personally and socially.

We offer instruction in individual tuition, ensembles and co-curricular programs to all students. Some of the ensembles are audition only due to a specific number of participants, minimum skill level or other limitations.

Private instrumental and vocal tuition is available to all students. Private lessons are attended once per week during the term and are usually 30 minutes long. The students are given tuition on their chosen instrument/s or voice by tutors who have expert teaching skills, qualifications and experience. Tuition fees are charged to your term invoice. Students who have private lessons are also required to participate in an ensemble.

Early in 2024, the full list of ensembles will be sent our via the Pittwater House app, including instructions on how to register.

For a guide on Junior School Performing Arts options, click here. For Senior School Performing Arts options, click here. If you have any questions or are after further information please email: [email protected].
Co-curricular Activities - Sport
We believe that a regular program of physical activity and extra-curricular activity is an integral part of our students education and highly recommends that everyone participate in activities during the school year.

In its student body, Pittwater House has many athletes and performers competing at an elite level including state, national and international competitions. Our Elite Athletes and Performers Co-ordinator works one-on-one with these students to help them manage their training and competition schedules whilst achieving their personal best academically. For further information, please contact: [email protected].

Please refer to the Co-curricular Sports Program that will be sent out via the Pittwater House app early 2024 for more in-depth information on each sport, including due dates for nominations. Please be aware that some teams/activities are limited to a specific number of participants and there may be a trial situation to select the team. If your child would like to sign up for any of the activities, please submit the permission note which will be made available early 2024 via the Pittwater House app, including instructions on how to register. Alternatively, please email: [email protected] with any questions.
Communication to Parents
Pittwater House App
The Pittwater House App is the main point of communication between the School and parents. It is used to:
* Stay up-to-date with key school information such as upcoming events, notices and newsletters.
* Set notifications to see information specific to your children, their Year Group and their interests.
* Make canteen orders
* Easily complete attendance and excursion notifications using your Single Sign On authentication, as the app will intuitively remember and autofill your key details.

For instructions on how to download, and log in, click here.

Parent Lounge
The Parent Lounge web-based software provides direct access to:
* View your child’s attendance, timetable and academic reports
* View the School calendar
* View your account transactions as the account holder
* Update your personal details and your child’s medical details at any time
* View welfare details including notifications of disciplinary action (i.e. detentions) or awards given.
* Sign up options for Co-Curricular activities.

Canvas is our Learning Management System where content, homework and ​e-learning activities are hosted. Parents can view their child’s course content from Years 3 to 12.

School Newsletters
The Pittwater House publications of HouseNews and HouseUpdate are distributed on alternate weeks. Parents/caregivers are notified via the Pittwater House App as soon as the latest publication has been posted. Back issues of HouseNews are also available on our website.

Formal Parent/Teacher Interviews
In the Senior School, formal Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled throughout the year and take place in the Hall. Students are encouraged to attend these interviews in uniform with their parents.

Parents can book these appointments via an online booking system called School Interviews. Parents are emailed a code which allows them to book interview times with teachers. Interviews are vital for the exchange of ideas between staff, parents and students.

Parent/Teacher Communication
In addition to formal Parent/Teacher interviews, parents are encouraged to contact teachers via email, phone or in person if ever they have a concern or query they wish to discuss.

Parents are always encouraged to go through their child’s Form teacher first if they have any concerns. However, if necessary, for academic issues, the Faculty or Stage Co-ordinator may be contacted next and for pastoral issues the Head of Grammar or College can be contacted if the Form teacher has been unable to resolve any problem.

Academic issues that have not been resolved by the Form Teacher, Faculty or Stage Heads, should be elevated to the Deputy Principal.

Please refer to the Contacts tab for a directory of staff.
This list provides key emails and phone numbers for Heads of School, Co-ordinators, Faculty Heads and administration staff.
Core Values
Our HEROIC mnemonic represents our Core Values - the widely adopted expression of our purpose and interactions in the classroom, on the sporting fields, in the cadet unit, on the stage and in our broader community.
The School’s pastoral care program enables most students’ problems to be addressed and is appropriate for resolving practical or academic problems which give rise to stress or anxiety.

However, if the problem is more serious and the student requires other professional intervention, the student will be referred to the relevant people by the Head of School or the School Counsellor.

The School liaises with specific medical practitioners particularly experienced in the care of school students. They have an established relationship with the School and liaise with the School Counsellors over health issues. They can refer students to other agencies if necessary. The safety of the individual concerned and of those around them is paramount. The School Counsellor has the expertise and knowledge of specialist help in the management of any major crisis.
Daily Requirements for Junior School
Students should bring to school each day:
* Crunch and Sip (fruit and vegetables cut into bite size pieces)
* Recess in a labelled container
* Lunch in a labelled lunchbox
* Labelled refillable drink bottle
* Homework folder (school issued)
* Student Diary (school issued)
* Spare clothes (Pre-K and K students, in case of accidents)
* Pittwater House wide-brimmed or bucket hat
* Raincoat (Pittwater House or other).

Important: The School aims to provide a nut-free environment to protect children and adults on campus who have allergies to nuts and nut products. Students, staff and visitors must not bring nuts or nut products on to the School campus and no nuts or nut products will be sold at the School canteen.
Diverse Learning
The Diverse Learning team specialises in in-class support and collaborative planning for students with additional needs. We create an inclusive learning environment where all students can progress at their own rate and reach their full potential.

We work in close liaison with families, students, teachers and our School Counsellors to develop clear personalised goals and strategies. We can refer children to external professionals for further assessment if required.

Referral to Learning Enrichment is via your child’s classroom teacher or Form teacher. Parents can also make a direct referral to the team if required, as well as contact the team for support or feedback as necessary.
Prior to any excursion or activity, parents will be notified of event details and consent request for your child to attend. Information on Excursions can be found in the Parent Lounge under Events.
Health Centre
Our Health Centre is staffed five days a week by two registered nurses who provide health care to all students at Pittwater House.

Nurses can administer prescribed medication, if required, and conduct the school-based immunisation programs.

The Health Centre is located in Room MG17 on the lower level of M Block. Health care is provided between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm as an emergency service for students and staff who have an acute episode of illness whilst at School.

Students who become unwell whilst at School are directed to the Health Centre, in the first instance, where they are assessed and receive appropriate treatment.

If a student requires further treatment which cannot be provided by the Health Centre Staff, we contact the parents and arrangements for the required treatment are made.

As beds in the Centre are limited, we notify parents if a student is not well enough to complete the day’s classes/activities and ask parents to make arrangements for their child to be taken home.

To contact the Health Centre, phone: 02 9972 5734 (between 8.30am and 3.30pm) or email: [email protected]

Mandatory Medical Details
Please be advised that before a child commences at Pittwater House parents are required to complete their Medical Details on the Parent Lounge. Children will not be permitted to commence their schooling at Pittwater House until this information has been supplied.
High Potential Learners
High potential learning
We help high potential learners grow their abilities through approaches such as:
* In-class extension and enrichment and differentiated learning tasks
* Individual learning tasks and programs
* Inter-school academic competitions
* Flexible progression - whole-grade or single-subject acceleration
* Individual mentoring
* Streamed classes for Maths and Science in the Senior School.

High potential learning opportunities
High potential learners can extend themselves through various subject competitions and co-curricular activities. In the Junior School, these include Debating and Chess Club, and these subject competitions. For all Senior School options, click here.

Referral to the high potential learning program is via your child’s classroom teacher or form teacher. Parents can also make a direct referral if required, as well as contact the team for support or feedback as necessary. For further information contact our Head of Teaching and Learning, Ms Jasmin Mano, on: [email protected].
House System
All students are allocated to a House when they join the School. There are three Houses which provide students with the opportunity to come together on special occasions, such as key sports days, our annual Foundation Day and House Festival events, and mix beyond their immediate Year group.

The Houses are named after three important individuals in the School’s life. The Houses are: Butterworth, Morgan and Orrock. Siblings will be assigned to the same House.
Kiss and Drop Zone
This area of the school is used primarily as an open recreational space for students to utilise during the day. At the beginning and end of the day it converts to a Kiss and Drop Zone supervised by staff.

The only times the Kiss and Drop Zone is open to vehicles is from 7:45-8:25am and 2:55-3:45pm.

During those times students are only permitted to walk around the outside of the Zone and drivers are to remain in the vehicle at all times. The speed limit is 5kph and there is no parking anywhere within the Kiss and Drop Zone. To view our Kiss and Drop map, click here.
Lost Property
The School can do little to assist in recovering lost property if the loss is not reported immediately to the Form teacher, Year or Stage Co-ordinator or Head of School. If losses are reported at once, the School will take appropriate steps to investigate.

Found property is held for a reasonable period outside the Head of Junior School's office for Junior School students and at Reception for Senior School students.

Personal items are brought on campus at the owner’s risk and claims against the School for loss of or damage to personal property will be denied.

All personal property should be correctly labelled with the owner’s name.
Mission, Vision and Motto
Our Mission
Pittwater House is committed to developing high achieving students who are connected globally to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve.

Our Vision
Pittwater House will continue to be recognised as a leading learning community, committed to excellence in all its endeavours and where every student matters every day as they experience true balance in education.

Our Motto
Semper Diligens (Always Hardworking)
Mobile Phones
Students may bring their phone to school, however, there are limited times when they are allowed to access them.

At all times, students may go to reception or their Head of School to contact parents or to receive a call. Parents may only contact students during the school day via Reception.
Pastoral Care
Senior School
Our students are holistically supported by a team of pastoral care staff, ranging from their Form Teachers, Stage/Year Coordinators, the Diverse Learning team, the School psychologists for short-term support, right through to the Heads of School for Girls' College and Boys' Grammar, Mrs Katie Thomas and Mr David Heath.

Each day before lunch, students participate in a Form Class of 25 minutes where they participate in programs on topics relevant to their age and stage, such as:
* time management
* goal setting
* drug education
* positive relationships
* cyber safety
* CUP (College) and Big Bro's (Grammar) programs
* emotionally engaging programs designed to build resilience and delivered by external providers such as The Resilience Project and Tomorrow Man, Tomorrow Woman.

In addition, we offer a number of opportunities for parents to participate in pastoral care events including mentoring, cyber safety and resilience workshops.
Pittwater House Parents' Association (PHPA)
The Pittwater House Parents’ Association (PHPA) is a group of volunteer parents who meet regularly to plan and organise several events throughout the year. They also run the Second Hand Uniform Shop (Clothing Pool).

While fundraising is the ultimate goal, the PHPA are also passionate about creating a vibrant and thriving parent community that truly reflects the School values, ensuring that every Pittwater House family feels welcome and is able to be involved in whatever capacity they can, in a fun, enjoyable and non-judgemental environment.

If you are keen to know more, please email our PHPA President at: [email protected], or to get started straight away as a volunteer, please email: [email protected].

You can also find out what we have been up to and what’s next on the calendar via the closed Facebook group (Pittwater House Parents’ Association).
Private Bus Service
The School runs five buses around areas of the North Shore and the Northern Beaches, servicing:
* Bayview/Avalon
* St Ives
* Mosman
* Frenchs Forest
* Manly/Balgowlah.

For route maps, please refer to the Transport page of our website.

All students are dropped off and collected from our bus zone in the South Creek Road car park. Teaching staff on duty escort students from the Junior Schools to buses each afternoon.

Charges relating to use of the School’s private bus services for travel to and from school will be billed directly to your school account. Parents are required to book their child on the School’s private buses by logging into the RollCall Web version or RollCall Parent App.

Please note: Any children under 10 years of age travelling on a private bus run will need to be met at the bus unless very specific consent has been given in writing by the parents for the children to proceed off the bus unaccompanied by an older sibling or being met by another adult. If a child who should be met is not, parents will be contacted via their emergency contact details provided to the school. In the event contact is unable to be made to parents, the child will remain on board for the remainder of the run until contact is made to arrange alternate pick up.

Enquiries about the bus runs can be directed to: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can read more about our private and/or the public bus services here.
School Car Park
The School Car Park on South Creek Road is used for the safe delivery and collection of students by our bus fleet, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten families, staff and visitors.
* 5kph speed limit
* No ‘L’ or Red ‘P’ Platers allowed in car park at anytime
* Car park is only available for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Express parking between 8:00am-8:45am and 3:00pm-3:45pm
* During these times, parking is limited to a 15 minute duration
* No right turn out of car park during set times of 8:00am-8:45am and 3:00pm-3:45pm as this can interrupt the flow of traffic into the Kiss and Drop Zone
* Pittwater House may deny access to people who do not comply with these conditions.
Student ID Cards
Each student will be issued with a student ID card early in Term 1. The student card is used on the Pittwater House buses, for printing/photocopying, the library and the canteen.
Term Dates 2024
This document details school term dates, recesses and public holidays for the year.
Our students take great pride in their uniform and it should be worn neatly and correctly at all times. The uniform adapts to different seasons and sports requirements:
* Summer Uniform - Term 1 and Term 4
* Winter Uniform - Term 2 and Term 3.

The Pittwater House Uniform Shop is located on campus to the right of the pool.

Opening Hours - Term Time
Monday and Tuesday: 8:00am – 4:00pm (closed 12:00 – 12:30pm)
Wednesday: 8:00am – 4:30pm (closed 12:00 – 12:30pm)
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 8:00am – 12:00pm

Bookings are essential. To make an appointment, call 02 9972 5721 or email: [email protected].

Second-hand Uniforms
The Clothing Pool, run by the Pittwater House Parents’ Association (PHPA) and volunteer parents, sells good quality, second-hand uniforms and accessories.

The proceeds of the sales can be either donated to the PHPA for school projects or split equally between the previous owner of the uniform and the PHPA. Any items that can’t be resold are donated to an appropriate charity.

The Clothing Pool is located next to the Uniform Shop. Access is via the Uniform Shop entrance.

Clothing Pool Opening Hours - Term Time
Monday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 10:00am
Wednesday: 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Cash, cheques and credit cards are accepted. Note: Purchases cannot be charged to your school account.

For enquiries, please contact [email protected].