Posted on February 08, 2024

Basketball tour of USA

In January, a group of twenty Pittwater House students in Years 8 – 12, accompanied by five staff members, embarked on a thrilling 17-day basketball tour across the USA. Spanning three states and multiple experiences, the tour created a lifetime of memories for all involved.

Starting in Texas, students enjoyed VIP tours of iconic landmarks like the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, followed by an electric NBA Mavericks game. The journey continued with visits to the University of Texas, the Capitol Building, and a college basketball game in Houston, including an awe-inspiring experience at the NASA Space Centre.

The students participated in a series of basketball games at four Texan High Schools, which showcased the resilience and spirit of the Pittwater House teams against challenging opponents.

While in the USA, the tour spent four days with Pittwater House’s Sister School of 35 years, the Woodward Academy, where Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx were filming “Back in Action” in the school auditorium! The students also explored Atlanta's Civil Rights Museum and the College Football Hall of Fame, concluding with an exhilarating NBA game.

California was the final stop for the tour with an intense NBA Lakers vs. Clippers game at Crypto Arena, followed by a memorable day at Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Park. The journey wrapped up with a leisurely stroll along Venice Beach, shopping on Melrose Avenue, and a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, providing the perfect conclusion to this extraordinary USA Basketball Tour.

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