Kindy to Year 2 Discovery Hub

Welcome to the Kindy - Year 2 Discovery Hub

Our Kindergarten to Year 2 Discovery Hub utilises the latest learning philosophies and tailored physical spaces for our youngest students. The development of the Discovery Hub, which opened January 2020, was in direct response to meet the adapting needs of students as well as research from world-renown Finnish educator, Pasi Sahlberg, who introduced his research and learnings to our School community in 2019.

Children are naturally motivated to play. One of the key new philosophies that the School’s Kindergarten – Year 2 program has adopted is a focus on play-based learning, both inside and outside of the traditional classroom settings, which is associated with significantly enhanced cognitive, social, emotional and physical outcomes for students.

Play-based learning involves both student-initiated and teacher-guided learning. Our teachers have undergone specialised training in this area to enable them to spot opportunities to encourage children to explore, experiment and problem-solve as part of their play, all the while stretching their thinking to higher levels.

The Discovery Hub has been designed to allow flexibility in teaching methods, learning spaces and resources to create an optimum learning experience for our students. Their day has also been restructured to allow for more breaks without compromising opportunities for learning.

The importance of individualised care

At Pittwater House, our high teacher-to-student ratio and capped class sizes of 20 students per class enable Kindergarten – Year 2 class teachers, specialist teachers and learning enrichment staff to understand what each child needs to thrive at school.

Our teachers use a variety of strategies and tools to assess the developmental and learning stage of each child, then tailor their classroom activities to cater for the individual learning needs of children across different curriculum areas. This approach ensures each child achieves their personal learning goals before moving on to the next.

Children are grouped according to their needs and their progression through the curriculum. Teachers use research-based gender-specific strategies in all areas.

A broad offering

As the primary building blocks of education, we offer a comprehensive and challenging numeracy and literacy program that engages children in a range of ways across a number of different subject areas.

To complement our students’ learning of the foundations, we also offer age-appropriate introductions to subjects such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), languages (French and Mandarin), music, dance and sports, many of which are taught by specialist teachers in purpose-built classrooms.

As an extension to classroom learning, our comprehensive list of co-curricular opportunities gives children the chance to try many different activities across sport, performing arts and critical thinking, and develop their social connections across year groups.

Our campus provides everything our students need in one place: multiple open play spaces and dedicated learning areas; a heated 8-lane 25 metre swimming pool; a multi-purpose gymnasium; tennis courts; a creative arts centre; a music cottage; a health centre run by qualified nurses; psychologist/counsellors and so much more.

Contact us

Speak to our Registrar on +612 9972 5789 or [email protected] to learn more about what we can offer your child.