World Challenge School Expeditions

Imagine travelling overseas to a developing country for three weeks to volunteer for a community project.

That’s the opportunity offered to Pittwater House’s Year 8, 9 and 10 students*.

World challenge is an educational school trip that takes young people on a student-led expedition to one of 40 destinations around the world in Africa, Asia, South East Asia, South America or Central America.

World Challenge excites, engages, stretches and develops new skills while opening doors for the future. It’s not just an amazing trip to another country but rather a developmental journey that starts long before students even step on the plane.

World Challenge is a leadership and personal development program. The program is entirely student-led, in every way, from expedition preparation and raising funds to planning the team's overseas itinerary.

While there, the students undertake a volunteer project that significantly benefits a local community.

For more information on the next World Challenge Expedition, please contact our World Challenge Co-ordinator, Stephanie Burke.

* Students sign up in Year 8 but do not travel until they are in Year 9 or 10

Global citizenship

Global citizenship is an important dimension of the program. Part of the World Challenge ethos is to let students experience cultures and environments very different from those found in their home country.

This brings an appreciation of the challenges facing other cultures and awakens the desire to understand, explore and develop a global perspective on life.

Many of our students who have experienced World Challenge talk about how this program changed their lives. They are richer for the experience. They have not only enjoyed trekking in a different country and learning about the differences in culture and habits but have also gained much from helping the local community.

“Many of our students who have experienced World Challenge talk about how this program changed their lives.”