2021 60th Anniversary

Scholarship Opportunities

To celebrate our 60th year in 2021, Pittwater House has offered a special series of 60th Anniversary Scholarships with no examination or a fee to apply. These scholarships are being granted to new students who will join Pittwater House in Year 5 through to Year 11 in 2021 who exemplify our School's Core Values shown below:

  • Honesty and Integrity – Practising the qualities of kindness, honesty, moral courage and good character.
  • Excellence – Aspiring to excellence in effort, determination and dedication in academics and all endeavours.
  • Respect and Care – Model respect and care in self and others for who they are, as well as our environment.
  • Origins – Celebrating the journey of our traditions.
  • Innovation – Encouraging originality, enquiry, risk-taking and critical thinking and having the courage to imagine.
  • Community – Connecting students, families, staff and alumni.

Applications for these unique scholarships have now closed. Applicants will be contacted in due course by Pittwater House to discuss submissions.