Technology & eLearning

Bring Your Own Device

Link for an outline of the Junior BYOD program

Link for an outline of Senior BYOD program

TPHS purchasing portal

To purchase a laptop through our preferred partner please visit the TPHS purchasing portal. Please note that purchasing through CompNow, with associated insurance, provides an onsite, business level of support in the event of any damage or warranty claim but parents are encouraged to ensure that CompNow meets their needs. If you elect to purchase through another supplier warranty support will not be through the school. Additionally we highly recommend that such devices are covered with personal insurance and with extended warranty cover.

Cyber Safety

Pittwater House Cyber Safety Hub

We have partnered with Family Zone and ySafe to roll out changes to our cyber safety measures. At the beginning of Term 1 2019, you will receive an email from Family Zone inviting you to activate your account and commence protecting your children's devices.

Student Learning Technologies resources

Student and Parent Digital Technologies Summary

There are a wide suite of resources available to TPHS Parents and Students. Please read this summary.

Box of Books - Years 7 to 11 textbooks

Ordering: Please find attached here the text book ordering instructions. The Text Book Ordering website is here

Student Box of Books login

Use your student TPHS email and password access your texts online. [For new students this will be provided on your first day at school]

Download the Box of Books app to have offline access.

Adobe Creative Suite

Please come to the Learning Technologies Support Desk for help with installing Illustrator, Animate, Photoshop and all the other great Adobe software.

Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Office 365

Students can self install Microsoft Office on their device. New students will be given the credentials to complete this on their first day of school.

  • Go to the above link. Log in with your school email address and school password. Pick 'School account'.
  • Click Install Office. The “Install Office 365 apps”. A prompt will be displayed and the installer will be downloaded.
  • When download is finished, run the installer in order to install the applications.
  • Launch 'Word' and when prompted enter your School email and password to authenticate Office 365.
  • Setting up your OneDrive ensures that important files are backed up. Instructions to set up for Mac here. If you are using Windows 10 your OneDrive is automatically set up.

Student email

Access Outlook Webmail

Student Printing

Paper Cut

Student printing service for current students. Only available when at school.

How can you get help?
Call into the Learning Technologies Support Desk, 8.00am to 4.00pm, or send an email to [email protected]
Can you get a student device serviced at the school?
Unfortunately we do not service student devices. If you purchased through our partners, CompNow, then we can organise a warranty or insurance claim. Otherwise you will need to approach your vendor.
Should students install virus protection on their device?
Yes. We recommend Malwarebytes Home edition.
Where do you get get information on cyber safety, Mobilezone and Familyzone?
Please check out the Pittwater House Cyber Safety Hub
Should students be backing up their important files?
Absolutely. Please see the section on installing and configuring OneDrive.
Is there an additional charge for Office 365, FamilyZone or other software?
No, this is incorporated into the school fees.

Password Self-Service

Password Self-Service will be superseded at the end of January 2019

Existing users can reset their password until that time.

New community members or those who have not yet set up the service please contact our Learning Technologies Department at [email protected] to reset your password.