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The Grammar School is predominantly a single-sex school on a co-educational campus, which provides the academic advantage of singe-sex education with the social advantages of co-education.


Boys are educated in single-sex classes until Year 8.  In Year 9, students begin a slow integration with the opposite sex with elective subjects being taught in a co-educational setting. The foundation elements of the curriculum across English, Maths and Sciences remain single-sex until Year 11 and 12. In Years 11 and 12 all classes are fully co-educational. 


At Pittwater House we recognise that intellectual development is only one area of development required for young men. As such our students are also guided in physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual development.


Through this well-rounded approach, each boy is able to fulfil his potential.

achieve a balance co-educational campus, single-sex classes
Pre-School to Year 12
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