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Starting pre-school need not be a time of worry or concern. Children have an innate curiosity and desire to learn, making pre-school a fun and exciting experience where they are able to explore their world and under the guidance of our qualified staff take their first steps in their life of learning.


At Pittwater House Early Childhood Centre we understand that children learn best when they feel safe and confident, so we have developed strategies to assist both children and families integrate into the School.


Home to Pre-School

During Term 4 we begin our extensive orientation program for new families looking to commence at the Centre in the following year. Through a series of pre-school activity mornings we introduce you and your child to the Pittwater House Early Learning Centre, familiarising your child with the environment, classrooms, teachers and pre-school routines.These mornings are also a great way for your child to meet their classmates and begin developing relationships.


Our orientation program is also for parents. At this time you will be asked if you want to be included in the Parent Network which connects you to other parents of the pre-school and in contact with other parents of your child's class.


'No Tears" Transition Trogram

For many children the step from pre-school to kindergarten can be quite overwhelming. Our 'No Tears' transition program focuses on ensuring that your child is comfortably immersed in the school before they even start.


The 'No Tears' transition program commences on the day they start at Pittwater House Early Childhood Centre. Being on the same campus, and in the same uniform as the rest of the school, they already feel part of the wider school community.


Throughout the year our 4 to 5 year old classes are slowly introduced to the School grounds as they avail of the specialised learning resources the school has to offer as well as meet the Kindergarten teachers.


In Term 4 specific days are set aside for your pre-schooler to spend time in the Junior School and become familiar with the classrooms and routines associated with Kindergarten. They are also given time to explore the Junior School adventure playground and use the Junior School facilities such as bathrooms and bubblers.


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