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Learning at Pittwater House ECC

Learning at Pittwater House ECC

All activities and programs implemented at Pittwater House Early Childhood Centre are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the national curriculum set out by the Australian Council of Governments.


The Framework is a holistic approach to early learning and acknowledges that play is the best vehicle for early learning as it provides the most appropriate stimuli for brain development. Based on the following five learning outcomes the Framework is a best practice model for early learning for ages 0 to 5 years:

- Children have a strong sense of identity
- Children are connected with and contribute to their world
- Children have a strong sense of well-being
- Children are confident and involved learners
- Children are effective communicators


By programming with a view to these five outcomes, we create for your child a rich and varied environment in which they can learn and prosper. The program also recognises the School's ethos that all children learn differently, at their own pace and require lessons to be presented accordingly.


Inspired by the Regio Emilia approach, Pittwater House Early Childhood Centre also understands the important role parents and family have in children's early learning. Therefore we work in partnership with parents and family so that together we can provide the best start to your child's education.

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