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At Pittwater House we have strategies in place to ensure a positive transition at each stage of a student's journey - from home to school, from Junior School through to Senior School, and onto University and a future career.


ECC to Kindergarten

Starting at 'Big School' is a big step.  Our 'No Tears Transition Program focuses on ensuring that all children from our Early Childhood Centre (ECC) are comfortably immersed in the school before they even start.  Children immediately become an integral part of the school as the ECC is located on the campus.  Students wear the uniform and their learning program includes using the school library, and doing PE on the campus grounds, they are also included in school performances.  By term 4, children spend time with the Kindergarten teachers in the classrooms, becoming familiar with the routine and environment.


Home to Kindergarten

Our orientation program is extensive and starts in Term 4. During November children are asked to spend 4 scheduled mornings in a kindergarten classroom the aim is to ensures that children are very familiar with their surroundings and routine before they commence in Term 1 the following year.   When children complete our orientation program they are all excited about their first day at school and seeing their new friends again.


Year 6 to Senior School

By providing a blend of junior and senior school practices for children in Years 6 we gently introduce students to the demands and responsibilities of senior school, ensuring they are emotionally and academically prepared for their biggest challenge to date.

Key to the program is exposure to specialist learning resources (teachers, tools and classrooms), collaborative teaching between primary and secondary school teachers and learning strategies that will assist them with their future challenges.

Students take on leadership roles in Year 6 and 12 and nurture 'older brother or sister' relationships with younger students in the school, which contributes to a community with family values.


Transition onto University

We support our students in their senior years to develop individual study habits, critical thinking skills and to take on personal responsibility, which will help to set them up for success at University and life beyond. Programs such as our Study Habits series, the development of individual study plans, our vocational testing and tertiary briefing ensure our students are equipped for the demands of tertiary education.

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