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At Pittwater House, we recognise the importance of building character, leadership skills and all round personal development of our students.

We believe that a child who is happy at school performs better at school. We are committed to ensuring our students have forums and networks through which they can express themselves and seek support and assistance when they need it.


Hierarchy of care

Every student from Kindergarten to Year 12 is placed in a single-sex "Form Group". These Form Groups are the centerpiece of the pastoral care network. Each Form Group is led by a Form Teacher who acts as the first point of contact for students and their parents on any aspect of life at Pittwater House.

The Junior School, Grammar School and Girls' College are each led by a Head of School who provide a further level of pastoral support and guidance to students under their care. Working in close cooperation with the Deputy Principal and the Principal, this ensures that every student is given the maximum support to achieve their potential and enjoy their time at Pittwater House.

Additional staff, including qualified School Counsellors, are also available to assist students and parents at any time.


Pastoral Care Programs

Pittwater House has always had an extensive Pastoral Care offering, which is always being innovated resulting in a series of initiatives designed to build strong, independent and emotionally resilient individuals.

Courage Program

Overarching all wellbeing programs for Years 7 to 12. The multi-faceted programs for each year level are highly structured and will be rolled out in each Form or Pastoral lesson.  They cover personal growth & understanding leadership & support academic development.


Pittwater House has teamed-up with educators and psychologists to deliver a proactive program to support students develop a stronger sense of well-being and to be more resilient, confident and successful.

Our Journey

Working with Reach, an independent youth organisation, our students learn about the importance of believing in themselves. The program inspires all young people to get the most out of life, go beyond their comfort zone, create connections, discover their strengths and build their self-worth.

RUA-Respect, Understanding and Acceptance

RUA was designed to give students the opportunity to develop greater awareness of learning beyond the classroom. This unique program cultivates teamwork, resilience, and a sense of belonging and an increased awareness of diversity within our community.

World Challenge

In 2014 Pittwater House introduced the World Challenge. As World Challenge organisers state, ‘laying the foundations for a successful and fulfilling life starts at a very young age. Each step along the way involves a balance between family values and support, education, achievement, teamwork and motivation. World Challenge aims to support and facilitate the development of young people through life-changing experiences.

Once again Pittwater House is offering Year 8, 9 and 10 students a wonderful opportunity to participate in the World Challenge Program. The 2015/2016 expedition will travel to Cambodia and Vietnam.

World Challenge aims to help young people explore their limits and grow in confidence, resourcefulness and global citizenship.  Click here for more information.

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program helps students feel confident when entering their next phase of education and assists with feeling connected to the entire Pittwater House community.

This year we have extended the Buddy Program beyond the Junior school and it now involves Year 7 and Year 11 students. The Buddy Program starts with Year 4 and 5 students looking after our youngest students in our Early Childhood Centre. Again in Kindergarten, students are paired with a Year 6 student who will help them feel safe and cared for in the Junior School environment.

When commencing into Year 7, students will work closely with Year 11 students to settle into life in the Senior School and learn about things such as organisation and homework. The Year 7 and Year 8 students also have a Buddy Program. The Year 8s talk to the Year 7s about their experiences and the sessions encourage discussion, friendship and a real sense of connection.

Form Time  - 'Pick & Mix' Positive Education Program

Overarching all wellbeing programs for Years 7 to 12. The multi-faceted programs for each year level are highly structured and will be rolled out in each Form or Pastoral lesson.  They cover personal growth & understanding leadership & support academic development. Underpinned by the theories and applications of Positive Psychology, the pastoral care program intends to build a sequential, developmentally appropriate program that encourages exploration of the self in relationship with others, as well as self-mastery through the lens of academic success and personal meaning. Students will gather resources and interventions for their personal toolkit which can be re-visited throughout their high school experience and beyond.

College Empowerment Years 7 - 9

      "Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them.”
           ― Steve Maraboli

The Pastoral Care of our students is always at the forefront of our thinking. Our staff are concerned with the total wellbeing of each student. People are very important at Pittwater House and we are committed to providing a safe environment where students are aware and respectful of the needs of others.

Empowerment - College Year 7

An important part of the College’s pastoral commitment is to help students to develop their social relationships and to encourage the students to respect themselves and others.

The objectives of the Year 7 program are:

- To encourage each student to recognize and share their talents and gifts. To respect and value themselves
- To assist them to recognize and value the talents and gifts of others.
- To encourage community building within the Year group.

Reach will present workshops

Empowerment - College Year 8

At this stage of their lives – as our girls develop greater independence and reflect on who they are and where they belong – we recognise the importance of and strive to foster a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.

The objectives of the Year 8 program are:

- A connected and respectful community
- Positive self esteem
- Self discipline
- Effective learning and striving for personal best

Reach will present workshops

Empowerment - College Year 9

The Connections Program has been specifically designed by Pittwater House to allow our Year 9 girls to develop greater awareness of themselves, their peers and learning beyond the classroom. This program encourages greater responsibility for independent learning and reflection, develops team-work strategies, resilience, a sense of belonging and a respect of the individual.

Traditional classes are suspended for two days a term. Year 9 College students wear casual clothes as they participate in a wide range of experiences. College 9 will attend a variety of workshops throughout those days.

The 'Be' Workshops, facilitated by inspirational Beanstalk facilitators, teaches our girls that they are valuable and have a voice, by giving them information and tools to use. When girls feel confident about themselves, their bodies, their intelligence, and their worthiness they are more likely to go into the world and express themselves fully.

Reach will also present workshops to our students.

Grammar School

Good Men Great

Working with local psychologist and well known author, expert and presenter Gunter Swoboda, fathers, teachers and boys explore and learn about the key characteristics that support the development of good men and good fathers. This is a highly practical and experiential program that evolves sequentially through the boys and the parents time at Pittwater House. Supporting these are specific father’s groups for each stage group and the valuable PACT (Parents and Children Together) evenings presented through the year to year groups.

Connections Program

The boys are following the same topics as the College Year 9 Connections Program outlined above however the content is adapted to reflect their gender needs.


Leadership starts from within and we believe all students can become great leaders. The Leadership program is available to all students from Year 9. This program helps students develop the confidence, skills and professionalism to be an aspiring leader. These skills will assist them in school and in their chosen career after school.

Outdoor Education Program

Our Outdoor Education Program supports and reinforces our pastoral curriculum in the most practical of settings. It deals directly with concepts such as leadership, team building, initiative, resilience, problem solving and the value of working towards a common goal.

The Outdoor Education Program at Pittwater House is a sequential program (i.e where each phase builds on and reinforces previous learning) which runs from Year 1 to Year 11.

Each program is hosted in a semi-remote location within New South Wales to remove the participants from 'normal' life.

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