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Our nurturing programs ensure your child feels supported and encouraged throughout their School life.


One of the main benefits of an ECC to Year 12 School is that we have well developed strategies in place to ensure a positive and smooth transition at different stages of schooling. Our 'No tears' transition program developed for entry into the Early Childhood Centre (ECC) and the big step of transition to starting 'Big School' focuses on ensuring all children are comfortably immersed in the School before they even start.


In Year 6,  students are gently introduced to the demands and responsibilities of Senior School.  Students in their senior years are also nurtured and taught to develop individual study habits, critical thinking skills and to take on personal responsibility, which will help to set them up for success at university and life beyond.


The small student population and low student-teacher ratio at Pittwater House means our teachers are able to create extraordinary opportunities for each child. Enrolment is capped to enable teachers to closely monitor each child's development and students have the chance to try new experiences that may pass them by at a larger school. As a smaller School, we can also nurture and follow our students emotional well being more closely, ensuring they settle into School and are able to handle the opportunities and challenges that School brings.

achieve a balance co-educational campus, single-sex classes
Pre-School to Year 12
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