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At Pittwater House, through our Positive Education Program, we aim to produce well-educated and well-rounded individuals who flourish both personally and professionally and are well-equipped to contribute to society in a satisfying and meaningful way.


Our Model

Our six core values drive everything we do at Pittwater House: Honesty and Integrity, Consideration for others, Maximum use of talents, Flexibility in thinking, Promoting Democracy and Tradition.


We have both formal and informal delivery of Positive Education and importantly, we ensure that it is part of the fabric of the School and integral to every class relationship in our community.


Positive Education is delivered as part of the Courage Program, during form time in Years 7-12 whilst in the ECC and Junior School slightly different approaches are taken.


Reflecting the important part our "School Family' plays, we run support programs for our parents too. This includes the PACT Program (Parents And Children Together), Fathers Groups & Mothers Groups.


Senior School

All students in the Senior School are organised into Form classes and these groups follow a unique pastoral program, called the Courage Program, that includes units on Leadership, Wellbeing,and Academic Mentoring. They meet their Form teacher three times per week and work their way through the program.


Junior School

In the Early Childhood Centre and the Junior School, Year groups target different character strengths. These range from ‘curiosity’ in the ECC to ‘gratitude’ and ‘kindness’ in Years 4 and 5.


Allied to this is our focus on different events during the course of the year such as the “Say NO to Bullying” initiative and “Random Acts of Kindness Week”.



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