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12 January 2014

Pittwater House supports Fiji Oz

Through the generosity of the Pittwater House School parents, a donation of $580 and a massive collection of clothing and baby goods have been gathered and were presented to Fiji Oz on Friday 28th November, 2014.

Fiji Oz is a non-profitable organisation that supports Schools, Hospitals, Orphanages and Villages in Fiji.  The charity was set-up and is managed by Karen Abbott.

Eight years ago, Karen's daughter was nurtured back to health in a Fijian hospital. Since that time Karen has worked hard to improve the circumstances of those in need in Fiji.

Having spent three-months in Fiji earlier this year with Fiji Oz, Karen returned home and saw a news segment about Jayne Wren and was captured by how similar their experiences in Fiji were. She contacted Jayne and they have been working together to support the people and country that helped them during their difficult times.

Coles Supermarket in Dee Why should also be noted for their fabulous contribution, having donated 960 baby wipes, 180 newborn nappies and 60 maternity pads.

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