visual arts

Visual Arts fosters interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of art. It builds understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds.


In contemporary societies many kinds of knowledge are increasingly managed through imagery and visual codes and much of students' knowledge is acquired in this way. Visual Arts empowers students to engage in visual forms of communication.


The subject of Visual Arts serves to facilitate an interpretation and organisation of such information





















is year are wide and varied and include 'Elements of photography', Magnum photo agency, portraiture, movie poster design, stop motion animation, Illustrator and character design, video loops and soundscapes, advertising photography and Surrealist photography.


In critical and historical studies the Conceptual Framework identifies the functional and intentional relations of the artist, artwork, world and audience as the agencies of the artworld.

The Frames - subjective, cultural, structural and postmodern - account for different points of

views, values and belief in and about photographic and digital media.

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