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Year 3 - Year 7

All students from Year 3 to Year 7 study one semester of Mandarin and one semester of French.


Year 8

At the end of Year 7, all students must choose to study either Mandarin or French in Year 8, after which it becomes an elective.


Year 9

Students can study either French, Mandarin or both languages.


Senior School ( HSC)

Chinese Continuers and Background Speakers are offered. It is recommended that students who wish to study a language at HSC level, should seriously consider participating in a student exchange or short term studey program in that country.


Other language opportunities

If a student is interested in a language other than French or Mandarin, then there is the possibility of studying this through Open High School.


Co-curricular Opportunities

Mandarin Club that runs year round on a Thursday afternoon. It provides the opportunity for students to continue to study Mandarin year round.

Advanced Mandarin students of various age groups from Year 2 - Year 9 that meet fortnightly during skills and service and participate in various activities such as conversations in Mandarin, reading,writing plays, exploring cultural traditions and practices or providing mentoring and assistance to younger students.

Languages Night - an event that celbrates and showcases the language activities and experiences of Pittwater House students who study a language.

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